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On-Site Health and Wellness Services


Our team

Our Employer Health Services team specializes in customizing clinics for corporations who wish to provide on-site care to their employees and/or dependents. On-site clinics have been proven to reduce overall medical costs, reduce the number of OSHA recordables, increase productivity, decrease absenteeism and improve the overall health and wellness of employees. On-site clinic hours can be customized around the hours of your operation as well as your budget. Clinicians may include physicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, registered dietitians and certified diabetic educators. Our health professionals can provide the following services:

Registered nurse

  • Counsels and provides education regarding wellness and disease management
  • Gives vaccines
  • Provides occupational medicine services
  • Performs triage
  • Serves as a resource for corporate health and wellness
  • Flu vaccinations: company invoice or employee pay

Nurse practitioner

  • Performs physical examinations
  • Orders diagnostic tests
  • Makes medical diagnosis, implements treatment plans
  • Minor suturing for workers’ compensation care
  • Provides urgent care for injuries and illnesses of employees and their dependents 12+ years old
  • Creates appropriate and timely referrals to other medical providers
  • Performs pre-placement medical exams appropriate to scope of practice
  • Prescribes medications
  • Provides health maintenance, wellness programs and disease management programs

Registered dietitian

  • Counsels and provides education specific to the individual needs for nutrition

Certified diabetes educator

  • Provides nutrition counseling
  • Monitors blood sugar levels
  • Offers education on prevention of complications including hypoglycemia
  • Gives  exercise recommendations
  • Does medication reviews
  • Oversees diabetes prevention initiatives
  • Serves as liaison between the client and other health care professionals
  • Provides counsel regarding pre-diabetes or diabetes issues

On-site clinics

  • Can be managed without access to a large space
  • Can be customized to fit your company’s budget
  • Can operate within or outside of regular business hours
  • Can include a mix of occupational medicine and acute care based on the provider
  • Will reduce ER utilization
  • Will reduce lost time
  • Can improve employee morale

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