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Senior Care


Help your loved ones older than 65 improve life skills and adjust to the challenges of aging through Ballad Health’s Senior Life Solutions in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

Your family members may benefit from this program if they:

  • Feel sad, hopeless, worthless or lonely
  • Worry a lot
  • Seem irritated often
  • Sleep poorly
  • Forget things or seem confused
  • Have low energy
  • Can’t complete daily tasks very well

Elder Care Services

Senior Life Solutions can help your loved ones improve their quality of life.

A team of health care professionals will talk with your family to create a well-rounded care plan that may include:

  • Psychiatric evaluation – Reviews how your loved one thinks, feels, acts and remembers
  • Group, family and individual therapy – Offers opportunities to talk with a licensed counselor one-on-one or with other people about ways to solve problems and feel better
  • Medication education group – Explains the right way to use certain medicines
  • Dietary consult – Shows how to choose and prepare nutritious, tasty foods
  • Occupational therapy – Teaches how to more easily complete everyday tasks, such as getting dressed, cooking and cleaning
  • Physical therapy – Teaches exercises that can make your loved one stronger, more flexible and more comfortable
  • Social work – Helps your family find ways to fulfill everyday needs, such as transportation, housing, food and getting care for people who can’t be left alone
  • Home health care – Sends caregivers into your home
  • Spiritual care – Draws on your faith background for support and comfort

Even if your loved one needs more than our program can provide, we’ll help your family find other resources and services – such as inpatient behavioral health care or skilled nursing care.


Find a Specialist

View Ballad Health’s network of doctors and search by name, specialty, condition, gender and location. Or call 833-8-BALLAD for help finding a provider who offers the specific care you need.

Ask for Help

If you think you or another senior citizen may benefit from Senior Life Solutions, please call us at one of our locations:

  • Ballad Health Dickenson Community Hospital: (276) 926-0351
  • Ballad Health Johnson County Community Hospital: (423) 727-2235

We’ll set up a time for a free, private review of needs and abilities.


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