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Prenatal Classes


As a mom-to-be, there’s so much to learn.

We offer prenatal classes throughout Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia to teach you how to take good care of yourself and your growing baby.

Prenatal classes we offer

Discover the latest childbirth and baby care tips, tools and techniques from:

Prenatal classes

  • Infant care basics class – Explore topics from feeding, bathing and diapering to safety issues and car seats.
  • Breastfeeding basics class – Get information and support for breastfeeding from certified lactation consultants.
  • Childbirth preparation series class – Learn what to expect during and after delivery and take a tour of the Labor and Delivery area; you are encouraged to register by 28 weeks.
  • Childbirth relaxation & breathing class – Study natural pain management techniques; you must complete the Childbirth Preparation Series Class or Marathon Childbirth Class before attending.
  • Heart saver / first aid class – Practice basic infant CPR and choking relief skills.
  • Marathon childbirth class – Learn about childbirth preparation in one day instead of during several classes.
  • Sibling class – Discover ways to prepare siblings, ages three and up, for the new baby’s arrival.

Other resources

  • Breastfeeding services
  • Neonatal education classes
  • Postpartum care for mother and baby
  • Pregnancy and birth
  • Preparing for your baby
  • What to do when labor starts
  • When you return home

How to register

Sign up for our prenatal classes when you’re 28 weeks along in your pregnancy.

Register online or call 833-8-BALLAD.

Obstetric and neonatal outreach education programs

We also offer obstetric and neonatal outreach education programs for health care professionals to ensure that they are always up-to-date with the latest advances in obstetric and neonatal care.

All outreach educational courses are developed in accordance with Tennessee Perinatal Guidelines and are partially funded by the Tennessee Perinatal Regionalization Grant.