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Occupational Therapy


Learn how to more easily do daily tasks on your own with occupational therapy at Ballad Health. You’ll get a personal care plan and work with an encouraging team that helps you meet your goals.

Team up with friendly occupational therapists at locations near you throughout East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. You’ll get care you need to reach your potential.

Conditions we treat

Ask your doctor about occupational therapy after any surgery or health condition that makes it harder to move or control your hands, arms or legs:

  • Amputation (removal) of a limb
  • Arthritis
  • Brain or spinal cord injury
  • Hip fracture surgery, joint replacement and other orthopedic procedures
  • Developmental disorders and mental disabilities
  • Parkinson’s disease and other nervous system disorders
  • Stroke
  • Work injuries

How occupational therapy helps

An occupational therapist can:

  • Train you in daily life skills, such as dressing, bathing, cooking and doing work tasks
  • Teach you how to use tools that make ordinary activities easier
  • Show ways to make areas of your home or workplace safer and easier to use
  • Recommend splints that hold an injured body part still so it can heal
  • Help you choose and use a comfortable, safe wheelchair
  • Teach your family how to help care for you
  • Splint fabrication

Hand, elbow & shoulder therapy

Your hands are one of your body’s most complex, intricate parts.

That’s why The Hand Center provides certified hand therapists with years of experience treating wrists, fingers, elbows and shoulders. Trust our team to help part of your arm work better if it hurts or can’t move as much as it should.

Visit us at Bristol Regional Medical Center, Kingsport at the Sullivan Center, Johnson City Medical Center or Smyth County Community Hospital

Amputation rehabilitation

If you lose an arm or a leg, ask your doctor about amputation rehabilitation at Norton Community Hospital.

We work to get you moving again in weeks, not months. Within 10 days of surgery to remove part of a leg, you may be able to bear part of your weight on a prosthesis (artificial limb).

And you’ll get help starting to walk with a cane, crutches or a walker before you go home.

Call (276) 439-1000 for more information.

New Limb New Life Club

Bring your family to a New Limb New Life Club meeting the second Tuesday of each month at the Healthplex on the Norton Community campus. You’ll meet with your peers from 2-3 p.m. at the Vitality Center in the FitOne Wellness Center to learn how to improve your quality of daily life.

Call (276) 439-1450 to sign up.