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Audiology & Hearing Aids


Hearing well helps you maintain relationships, stay safe and enjoy the world around you. Seek care to improve your hearing ability – and quality of life – from certified audiologists at The Hearing Center at Holston Valley Medical Center.

Hearing services

Turn to us when you need:

  • Tests to show how well you or your loved ones of any age hear, whether or not you notice signs of hearing loss
  • Care for newborns with trouble hearing
  • Balance and dizziness tests

Hearing aids

Choose from a variety of the most advanced digital hearing aids available. We’ll help you choose the right type for your needs:

  • In-the-ear – Custom-fitted hearing aid worn in the outer ear
  • Receiver-in-the-canal – Includes a device that sits comfortably behind the ear and connects to a tiny speaker hidden in your ear canal
  • Completely-in-canal – Custom-made to fit entirely in the ear canal and be nearly invisible
  • Behind-the-ear – Includes a device that rests behind the ear and connects to an earbud in the ear canal

After getting a hearing aid, visit us as often as your audiologist tells you to. That way, he or she can make sure the device works well for you and make changes or repairs as needed.

High-quality care from certified audiologists

At The Hearing Center at Holston Valley, you’ll get care from audiologists with the medical background and experience needed to treat you. Unlike many hearing aid specialists, our audiologists:

  • Hold advanced degrees in audiology
  • Know about a wide range of hearing problems
  • Can care for children

You can trust your audiologist because he or she is certified by a group such as the American Speech-Language Hearing Association or the American Academy of Audiology.

Paying for hearing aids

Ask The Hearing Center at Holston Valley for helping setting up a payment schedule if your insurance plan doesn’t cover hearing aids, or you live on a fixed income. Take advantage of interest-free payment plans with monthly payments just a fraction of the total cost.