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Locum Tenens Orientation Part 1

Please note that some of the material in this orientation may be familiar (for example, handwashing hygiene, HIPPA, etc.).

There is no realistic way to determine the knowledge level of every practitioner regarding these issues, regulatory requirements mandate this information be relayed regardless of previous content exposure.

Getting started

  • This orientation is divided into 8 topics. Each topic provides you with the needed information to become oriented to Ballad Health facility policies and procedures.
  • You may navigate through each topic at your own pace, by clicking on each topic link.
  • You must complete this entire orientation by reviewing all information contained.
  • You will be asked to sign a confirmation at the end of this orientation indicating that you have read and reviewed all material.

Online locum tenens orientation files

Section 1 – Ballad Health

Section 2 – Care of the Patient

Section 3 – Safety

Section 4 – Service Excellence

Section 5 – Corporate Compliance

Section 6 – Patient Safety

Section 7 – Clinical Patient Care

Section 8 – Orientation Paperwork

If you have any questions about orientation, forms, policies, or anything student related please call Mary Rodriguez at (423) 302-3338.