Family Birth Center at Johnston Memorial Hospital

Birthing center in Abingdon, Va.


Contact the Family Birth Center at Johnston Memorial Hospital with any questions – (276) 258-2300.

About the Family Birth Center

Private rooms

The Family Birth Center at Johnston Memorial has 16 large private rooms. Of those, 11 are designed for labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum stays (LDRP).

The other 5 rooms are used to care for gynecology and C-section patients.

24/7 pediatric hospitalists

Dedicated pediatric hospitalists are onsite during delivery and afterward to help care for your baby. Coverage is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Support through this important season

The birth of a baby is an exciting life-changing experience. We’re committed to helping you during this special time through quality maternity care, and special programs and support.

Our family-centered approach helps you understand as much as possible about the physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

Classes and education

A conference room provides training space for breastfeeding classes, sibling classes and more, as well as departmental education sessions.

Through these educational sessions, you can learn important skills like infant CPR and giving baby a bath.

The staff of the Family Birth Center at Johnston Memorial focuses on providing as much one-on-one care and education as possible. Our goal is to help give you the confidence to take care of your baby once you leave the hospital.

For more information about need-based scholarships and classes, call 833-8-BALLAD.


Before delivery, we encourage you to schedule a pre-admission visit after your 28th week of pregnancy.

During this visit, you’ll get a tour of the facility, along with information about what to expect during the labor and delivery process. This visit also provides an opportunity for you to share specific medical needs and requests with the Family Birth Center staff, as well as complete necessary paperwork.

When your baby arrives

Time with your newborn

Our nurses focus on caring for mother and baby as one, and they encourage you as new parents to spend as much time as possible with your baby.

Skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby immediately after the birth provides a positive bonding experience.

This helps create a smooth transition when the you leave the hospital with your new baby. Parents often find this also decreases their anxiety about caring for the baby at home.


Breastfeeding is the safest, healthiest way to feed a baby.

It can be difficult to learn how to breastfeed, but our staff is here to help you. Our certified lactation consultant is available to all patients during their stay to provide education and support as both you and your baby adjust to breastfeeding.

On discharge, we encourage you to schedule a follow-up visit with the lactation consultant for further breastfeeding support.


Cesarean sections are performed in the operating room on the first floor. For emergency Cesarean sections, there is an operating suite available on the Family Birth Center unit.

We offer a large reception area to accompany additional family and friends.

Strong Starts program for families

Ballad Health’s Strong Starts program connects parents and caregivers with essential resources and services for children up to the age of five. We can connect you with childcare services, food assistance, housing insecurity resources and government assistance programs. We also offer classes for new parents, including prenatal, lactation and family classes. For more information or to sign up online, read about our Strong Starts program here.