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Internal Medicine Residents – Norton

Testimonials from former residents

Norton Community Internal Medicine Residency can help prepare you for whichever path you choose.

The majority of the residents who graduate from our program become hospitalists; however, we have had several residents successfully enter fellowships, including cardiology, hospice and palliative care, infectious disease, nephrology and more.

Protrait: Dr. Sara Sadiq-Ali

"As a resident physician at Norton Community Hospital, I was taught acute inpatient medicine with supervised autonomy. Today, as a fellow physician specializing in infectious diseases, I feel proficient in treating any ailment with confidence"

“My career goal prior to and throughout medical training has been to provide care for cancer patients. After interviewing at the Norton Community Hospital internal medicine program, I immediately felt Dr. Bentley and the medical education administration were invested and supportive of my goal, even prior to starting as an intern."

"I continued to have this unwavering support as I navigated the learning curve of intern year, chose diverse electives in my area of interest during second year and developed leadership skills as chief during my third year. Navigating the care of patients with limited resources is a unique benefit to Norton Community Hospital's program, with the support of attending physicians who care about the art of medicine and the importance of integrating humanism into the typical internal medicine curriculum." -Dr. Sara Sadiq-Ali

Portrait: Dr. Jessica Davis

With the flexibility of diversifying rotations and the autonomy of a smaller program, I was able to work on a variety of research projects, learn in many different hospital settings and appreciate the value of consulting physicians. These experiences at Norton Community Hospital inspired me to not only pursue a hematology/oncology fellowship, but to continue training in what some patients need more than medicine – supportive care. I finished a palliative care fellowship at the University of Tennessee and look forward to completing my hematology/oncology fellowship at the same institution, thanks to my foundation of medicine built at Norton Community Hospital.” -Dr. Jessica Rich Davis

Portrait: Dr. Jason Brown

“A common misconception about smaller or more rural programs is that they leave residents underprepared for specialty training. On the contrary, my experience at Norton Community Hospital forced me to critically think and act in a patient’s best interest, when a specialty was not readily available. I became a better-rounded physician because of these situations, and they have served me well in my years since leaving.” -Dr. Jason Brown



Norton Community Hospital

Meet the current residents in the internal medicine residency program at Norton Community Hospital in Norton, Virginia.


Brown, Taylor M.D.

Taylor Brown, M.D.      
University of Jordan Faculty of Medicine, Jordan

Ali Ajmal, M.D

Ali Ajmal, M.D.      
Escuela Latino Americana de Medicina, Cuba

Jacob Greenberg, D.O.

Jacob Greenberg, D.O      
Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, Virginia Campus

Ji Mok, D.O.

Ji Mok, D.O.      
Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Mridula Talari, M.D.

Mridula Talari, M.D.      
Gandhi Medical College and Hospital, Secunderabad

Austin White, D.O

Austin White, D.O.      
Lincoln Memorial University, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine