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Ankle Replacement at Johnson City Medical Center

What is a total ankle replacement?

A total ankle replacement is a surgical option for those with arthritis of the ankle that interferes with daily activities.

This operation can relieve pain and maintains motion in the arthritic ankle joint. It is an alternative to ankle fusion surgery, which can relieve pain but eliminates motion in the joint.

The artificial ankle joint is designed to more closely mimic the natural movement of the ankle, you can walk with a more natural gait, experience less pain and more range of motion.

Are you a good candidate for ankle replacement surgery?

Treatment for arthritis in the ankles often starts with pain and anti-inflammatory medication and injections, a brace, or physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around the ankle joint.

If these treatments are not enough to reduce ankle arthritis pain and other symptoms, surgery might be the best option for you.

Complete orthopedic care

Ballad Health offers:

You no longer have to leave the Tri-Cities for ankle replacement surgeries. Every detail, from pre-surgery teaching to post-surgery exercising, is planned by our joint team, and reviewed with you before the surgery takes place.

We have a proven track record of quick recovery for total ankle replacement.  Most people are typically up working with our physical therapy team the day of surgery, and can return home in one to two days.

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To find out more about Johnson City Medical Center’s ankle replacement program, please call (423) 431-6937.