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Student Blood Donor Scholarships

Student blood drives are vital

High school students age 17 and older are eligible to donate blood. (If you are 17, you will need a parent’s permission.)

We conduct blood drives with 40 high schools across Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

You might be surprised to learn that approximately one out of every five units of blood – and some years as much as one out of every three units – Marsh Regional Blood Center collects come from high school students.

Lacota Marie Allison Scholarship & Grant Program

Because student blood drives are so important to our region, we offer scholarships and grants to high schools and high school students.

Marsh Regional’s high school scholarship and grant program is dedicated to the memory of one of those students – Lacota “Codi” Marie Allison. A senior at Volunteer High School, Codi was a beautiful young lady who loved to help others and always supported her school’s blood drives.

What scholarships are available?

Each year, Marsh Regional awards regional high schools and students:

  • At least six $500 educational grants
  • Six $1,000 scholarships

How scholarship winners are chosen

Student scholarships

Individual students can earn scholarships by participating in our Save the Summer and Holiday Hero programs, which are explained further below.

School awards

In addition to individual scholarships, high schools in large-, medium-, and small-school categories compete for the highest collection numbers each year in order to earn scholarships.

Marsh also awards some grants to school organizations that help with drives, such as HOSA, JROTC and school clubs.

Save the Summer and Holiday Heroes

Because we can always count on our dedicated high school and college students to rise to the occasion, we created the Save the Summer and Holiday Heroes scholarships.

These programs provide an effective way to increase donations over summer break and the holiday season – while rewarding students for going the extra mile to help out. Blood donations are especially important in the summer and holidays because outdoor activities during this season tend to carry a higher risk for injury, and many regular donors go on vacation.

The Save the Summer and Holiday Heroes programs are in addition to the existing grants and scholarships Marsh makes available to students and schools.

How much is awarded?

Any student who collects 50+ units in either Save the Summer or Holiday Heroes will automatically win a $500 scholarship!

Also, Marsh will award the student who collects the most units during each program with a $500 check, made payable directly to the college or university of their choice.

How Save the Summer and Holiday Heroes work

With Save the Summer, area high school juniors, seniors and college students who organize and host a successful blood drive with Marsh Regional during their summer break are eligible to win a scholarship for their college education.

Then during the holiday season, we offer the Holiday Heroes program, which works the same way as Save the Summer.

You can participate in these special programs by:

  • Choosing a blood drive location in your community or hosting a drive at either of our locations in Kingsport, Johnson City or Bristol.
  • Selecting a date during your summer break for Save the Summer.
  • Selecting a date and time during the designated holiday time period for Holiday Heroes. (Contact Marsh for the exact dates each year.)
  • Recruiting friends, family members and neighbors to donate. (Hint: Use social media.)
  • Collecting at least 25 units. These can be blood or platelets. (Platelets count as double points.)
  • Having your donors let us know the name of the Summer Saver or Holiday Hero student – that’s you – they are donating for at registration.

For more information or for assistance, please call us at (423) 408-7500.

How Marsh student scholarships are funded

Marsh Regional’s scholarships are funded through a variety of sources.

The main source is an annual scholarship golf tournament, which was started as a way to significantly increase what we are able to do in order to thank student donors, as well as raise awareness about what they do for this community.

Also, gifts can be made to the Marsh Regional scholarship fund online throughout the year. Or contact Ballad Foundation at (423)230-8550 to contribute or learn more.

Ballad Health team members can contribute to the fund during the annual Employee Giving Campaign, too.