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Rural Trauma Team Development Course (RTTDC) (Oct. 28)

photo: hands of caregiver doing CPR on patient while another holds a syringe and third holds paddles for cardioversion


Course details

The Rural Trauma Team Development Course (RTTDC) emphasizes a team approach to the initial evaluation and resuscitation of the trauma patient at an outlying rural facility.

With more than 60% of the country’s trauma deaths occurring in rural areas, this course assists health care professionals in determining the need to transfer the patient to a higher level of care.

The one-day course includes interactive lectures on:

  • Medical procedures
  • Communication strategies
  • Three-team performance scenarios

Cost: free


Seating is limited to 30 spots.

Classes & Programs

RTTDC Oct. 28 session
Monday, October 28, 2019
7:30AM - 4:00PM
Register by phone:
(423) 416-5565