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Telehealth (Telemedicine)

Ballad Health, in conjuction with Philips Telehealth Solutions, offers patients with chronic disease, such as heart failure, diabetes, hypertension and COPD, a way to regularly monitor their vital signs to help manage their health, outside of the clinical setting through Remote Patient Monitoring (TeleHealth).

Ballad Health's remote patient monitoring (TeleHealth) program enables patients to track vital signs while remaining in their homes and providing clinicians with timely information about their patients’ health status. This allows clinical staff to intervene as early as possible, with the goal of avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations.

Our Telehealth at-home devices include:

  • TeleStation, which collects and transmits patient vital sign data and enables communication between clinicians and patients
  • Wireless devices that measure the following vital signs: 
    • Weight 
    • Blood pressure and pulse 
    • Blood oxygen 
    • ECG heart rhythm 
    • Blood glucose

Telehealth (Telemedicine) Locations

58 Carroll Street
Lebanon, VA 24266
(276) 883-8000