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Taylor Hamilton

Chief Consumer Officer

Taylor Hamilton portrait photo, head and shoulders

Taylor Hamilton is Ballad Health’s Chief Consumer Officer.

The Chief Consumer Officer’s role is to develop new and innovative interactions with patients and families, listening to the needs of consumers and physicians and using those insights to develop an improved patient experience.

Taylor Hamilton will continue to oversee marketing and communications in addition to the implementation of a new “virtual front door” to Ballad Health. With the implementation of the Epic Health Information System in all Ballad Health facilities next year, Ballad Health will have the ability to bring consumer health information directly to consumers, putting more control and information into the hands of the consumer. This single electronic health platform, or virtual front door, will lead to a better experience, with patients being able to schedule their appointments through their own computers and mobile devices, view information, communicate with their physicians and providers and seek information related to their conditions.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences and disorders from the University of Florida and a master’s in biotechnology enterprise from Johns Hopkins University.